Commercial Electrical Services

Conduit Installation

4-Way Electrical Services provides Commercial Electrical Services to many different commercial facilities.  Whether you need a simple replacement of an existing electrical component or have a more complex design build project, 4-Way Electrical Services is ready to assist you.  We will never turn down work because the project is too small or too cumbersome.  We are committed to being our clients' only call when it comes to all things electrical.

4-Way understands that the electrical industry is continually growing and changing.  To keep up with these changes, we are consistently sending our employees on different training courses to ensure that we can offer the highest level of service.  If we find that one of our customers has a specific system or technology on their site, we offer to immediately get trained on this product in order to benefit the client and their facility.

Services offered by our Electrical Division are (but not limited to):

  • Maintenance, replacement and repair of existing electrical systems
  • Installations of new electrical systems
  • Replacement and repair of lighting systems
  • Electrical repair and maintenance of HVAC systems
  • Exterior car plugs
  • Underground electrical locating, hydrovac and directional drilling
  • Heat Trace systems
  • Lighting controls (including automation, low-voltage switching systems, motion sensors, etc)
  • Main electrical service upgrades
  • Transformer replacements
  • VFD Installations
  • Electrical motor installations, controls and testing