LED Installations and Retrofits

4-Way Electrical Services is the industry leader in all LED interior lighting installations and retrofits within Edmonton and Northern Alberta.  4-Way Electrical only utilizes LED products from the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers within the LED lighting industry.  These specific relationships allow us to provide amazing value to our customers, with unbeatable pricing and warranties.

4-Way Electrical LED services include (but are not limited to):

  • Warehouse LED lighting
  • Parkade LED lighting
  • Office LED lighting
  • Common area and corridor LED lighting
  • Stairwell LED lighting
  • Mechanical room LED lighting
  • Specialty and Accent LED lighting
  • Task lighting
  • All types of lighting controls


"Why should we switch our facility over to LED?"

  1. Switching a current lighting system over to LED is simply better for the environment.
  2. Most LED installations have a 3-4 year payback analysis on energy savings alone.
  3. If you factor in the maintenance costs of your old lighting systems, these payback calculations can be reduced, sometimes to as low as 18 - 36 months.
  4. Increased lighting levels make your facility stand out more to the public, makes the public feel safe, and may help lower crime levels.
  5. An LED lighting system will remain consistent with colour temperature, show next to no lumen depreciation and suffer very few lighting failures.


What makes 4-Way Electrical Services different than the rest?

  • 4-Way Electrical offers complete LED lighting layouts with different product options and price points.  We explain to our customers the cost benefits and differences in warranty between products and we also include an ROI calculation on energy savings and maintenance costs.
  • 4-Way Electrical also provides project financing based on energy savings and maintenance payback cost.  This allows clients to pay for these projects using existing operating budgets rather than having to rely on the use of a capital account.
  • 4-Way Electrical owns all of the equipment needed to complete these installations saving the client money on rental fees.