24 Hour Emergency Services

24 Hour Emergency Service

4-Way Electrical Services offers 24 hour emergency services through our Electrical Division to all of our valued customers.  No matter what time of day and no matter what the issue might be, 4-Way Electrical Services will always be available to help out our clients.  Since inception, 4-Way Electrical has always responded to every emergency call and has always been able to provide a cost effective repair to the emergency in question.

The most common emergency calls that we experience with our Electrical Division are:

  • Loss of power to a facility
  • Burning electrical smells or fires
  • Electrical failures
  • Utility issues
  • Underground wiring breaks
  • Electrical heating failures during cold winter days
  • Interior and exterior lighting failures


If you need after hours or emergency electrical support, call us now at (780) 473-8464